How to Write A Wedding Speech Your Guests Will Love

Your moment is finally here, the day you have been planning for months. As the bride or groom, you want to say something small to thank your guests for celebrating with you. When done well, a personal speech from the happy couple can make the wedding very intimate and personable, so it’s good to have a plan in place. Wondering how to write a wedding speech?

Start with a big opening line

There’s no doubt all eyes will be on you and that first sentence will set the tone for your speech. Tell a joke or a personal anecdote. You want to keep people tuned in before they go for their next round of champagne!

Make sure to include some heart

A wedding is a perfect time to be sappy! If you have some feelings to express, go for it! Your guests will love it! For example, you can talk about what marriage means to you. It’s always touching to hear tales of other couples who have inspired the newlyweds, like parents or grandparents. You can even tell the story of how you met your partner and how fast you fell in love! Chances are, many of your guests will already have that information, but revisiting the moment and the journey you’ve taken is always touching. Remember to praise your partner and to thank your parents!

Get Happy

Talk about your joyful feelings, and maybe make another little joke. Humor is an important part of a great speech, sprinkle some jokes lightly throughout it. Don’t forget to make eye contact with your partner and anyone else you may have mentioned in your speech! Of course, we suggest that you thank all your guests for attending and sharing in your most special day.

Practice Beforehand

Practice your speech a few times before the wedding, either in front of the mirror or with a trusted friend. Make you are speaking slowly and clearly so that your guests can understand you. On the day of the wedding, you can bring a little piece of paper with notes to ensure you don’t miss anything you wanted to say!

Don’t forget to toast

This step is optional, but you can always bring a glass of champagne with you to the microphone. Toast your partner, family, and friends, and you’re sure to start the night off with a bang!

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