Four Wedding Planning Tips

When planning a wedding in Israel or anywhere else, most brides will have to learn on the fly. Wedding planning insiders already know all the little tricks that will make the process go smoothly, and we’re spilling our secrets today! Get the inside scoop by checking out these wedding planning tips every bride should know:

Tip #1 Fewer Centerpieces, fewer problems!

When you are in the early stages of planning your wedding. you will not have an exact tally of how many guests are coming. This means that you will not be able to know precisely how many reception tables are needed until much closer to the actual wedding day. When booking your florist, always sign a contract for the minimum number of centerpieces that you will need. It may be impossible to reduce the number of floral arrangements once you have signed a contract. If you have fewer guests than expected, it leaves you paying for more centerpieces than you need. (It’s easier to add a few centerpieces to your order than to try to take them off your bill.

Tip #2 – Consider a Day Wedding!

Many people operate under the assumption that a buffet dinner reception is the least expensive option. This is not always true! While you may save on server costs compared to a seated reception, you may end up spending more additional food supplies. Couples who are really looking for ways to trim the costs of their reception might find that a lunch reception, whether plated or buffet style, is more cost-effective than a buffet dinner!

Tip #3 – Visit your DJ at work!

The music at the reception will really help to set the tone for the party. When hiring a DJ, many couples rely on a booking agent to pair them with a DJ, rather than going to see them in person. This can be a big mistake. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the music as you would with a live band. On the other hand, you definitely need to be concerned about the quality of the DJ’s sound system. Everyone has been to a wedding where the speakers sound scratchy or the music is blasted so loudly that it practically rattles their wedding jewelry right off. Industry insiders always recommend seeing a DJ in person before signing a contract.

Tip #4 Dont limit yourself to wedding boutiques!

Did you know you can often spot a markup on many goods and services which are designated as bridal? For example, you might find the exact same Swarovski crystal and pearl wedding jewelry at a boutique for far less than at a bridal salon. Similarly, renting a white limousine often costs more than renting a black one, and you can find high-quality party dresses that are cheaper than bridesmaid dresses of the same quality. Planning your wedding should be fun and exciting. Brides can find themselves overpaying or getting less than what they expected from vendors if they have not done their research in advance. When you know all the insider tips, it can make it much easier plan your special day with confidence!

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