Tips for Seamless Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

As wedding planners, we often get asked by our brides what is customary when it comes to the bridesmaid dresses in Israeli weddings. Bridesmaid dresses are less common than in other countries, but if you’re still interested in following this wonderful tradition, we have some suggestions for bridesmaid dress shopping!

Use Your Resources

The internet is a wonderful resource for bridesmaid shopping. You have to coordinate so many preferences, from body-shapes to budgets! Of course, it’s up to the bride to decide on the major factors like color and type of fabric but it is tricky when you have so many differing opinions and personalities to take into account. Quite often it’s good to look at different resources and start to collect ideas about colors, styles and combinations as a group.

Check Out the Trends

There are many different style trends for bridesmaid dresses. Many focus on A-line designs because the shape is flattering most women. On the other hand, you find this option too limiting, you can select a color and type of fabric and have your bridesmaids choose a specific style. This gives your bridal party members the freedom to reveal and conceal where they need. Another big trend is to have a shawl, shrug or clutch bag to compliment and coordinate the bridesmaid’s party!

Consider the Environment

Color is always difficult but there are some definite popular options. For summer weddings, metallic colors like light gold and silver will stand out and add a glint of magic in the light. For a more understated approach, check out light summer colors like lilac, mint, ivory and blush. When planning a winter wedding, many brides opt for rich, decadent colors like wine, chocolate. plum and emerald. Although there is less emphasis placed on colors and styles than in the past, be responsible with your choices. Take into account the venue and the expected weather.

Finally, try to select your dress styles at least 8 weeks before the big day. This will leave your bridesmaids with enough time for alterations or fittings. Your whole bridal party should look and feel beautiful as you walk down the aisle! Good luck!

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