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Planning Your Israeli Event

There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate! Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary party, or engagement party, we can help you plan the perfect event.

Additionally, there are many events that can be planned around your wedding. For example, many couples like to plan a welcome party for guests who have traveled to attend their wedding. There are also the beautiful traditions of the Henna or Shabbat Hatan. In the Shabbat Hatan, the groom reads from the Torah in front of close family and friends, unifying the families, and giving the community an opportunity to bless and celebrate the young couple. 

In all the mayhem of coordinating the wedding, many couples like the comfort of having a wedding planner to handle all the varied events and celebrations.  Our job is to make your life easy so that you can focus on enjoying your guests as we handle all the day to day logistics. 

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